March 24, 2007
Lake Seminole Park
Shelter No. 8


On a bright, sunny 80-degree Florida Day,
65+ people attended the Kenosha Day Picnic at Seminole Park, Seminole Fl.
A picnic potluck was enjoyed and games were played.
There were many Bingo winners, and A Golf Putting contest was held.
The winners for the women was Donna Ventura and for the men the winner was Bill Otto.

Many of the attendees heard about the picnic from the Kenosha News
and from fellow Kenosha transplants, snowbirds and visitors. 
The date of the 2008 Kenosha Day has been set for March 15, 2008.
It would be great to see everyone who could make it here to enjoy it with us.


Dick and Sharon Thomas and Tom Hansen


Irene and John Shawler


Betty Massie and John and Kay Sharp


Bernice and Duane Dow


Kay Sharp and Betty Massie


Ron Stevens, Jack Rice and Dennis Horne


Irene and John Shawler and Rudy and Faye Herzog


Rudy and Faye Herzog


Oral Congdon, Jack Rice and Ron Stevens


Jack Rice and Tom Hansen


Mercedes and Bill Kelly


Barbara Crow Vincent and Bernice and Duane Dow


Bill and Sandy Otto


Martha and John Kreuser



Betty Oatsvall, Nancy Bilotto and Cecile Marchand



Scott and Janice Batchelder with Granddaughter Madison


Gary and Pat Carlino


Rodd and Pam Zeitler


Jim and Donna Ventura




Trish and Gene Desotell (left front and back)
Janice and Scott Batchelder with
Granddaughter Madison (right front and back)

Betty Massie and Cecile Marchand

Donna Ventura and Aldo Bilotto
Putting Contest Winners

Donna Ventura, Aldo Bilotto and Bill Otto
Putting Contest Winners

Mary Sherfinski and Kathy Eppers